A picture of a scenic sunset is causing several Android phones to crash. Here are the reasons

Some Android users have recently taken to social media to record a sunset and green shoreline image that causes their handsets to crash when used as wallpaper.

Many claimed that loading the picture as a wallpaper caused their handset to turn on and off repeatedly before a reset to the factory was executed – which erases all phone data.

He revealed in an interview that he captured the image in 2019 during a trip with his wife at St Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

After editing it on software called Lightroom, Agrawal said he took the picture with his Nikon camera and later uploaded it to Flickr.

Tech reporters and bug specialists have revealed that the phones were crashing because of ‘color space.’

Lightroom provides a limited number of color-mode options for exporting the finished result according to the findings. And the one that Agrawal chose for his picture didn’t seem to be sitting well with most Android 10 and Google pixel phones because they didn’t know how to display the colors.

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