Entertainment news: ‘rainy workout session’ inside Hina Khan

Mumbai: Actress Hina Khan does not believe she takes a rain check when working out. So, despite the rains in Mumbai, she stepped forth to attend her Pilates class.

Hina took to Instagram to share a series of photographs where she is seen heading for her pilates class in a raincoat, after urging Mumbai people to stay safe.

She posted a snapshot of her rainy workout session via social media. Hina is seen on a blue raincoat in the video. After so many years she expresses joy at being able to wear a raincoat.

Hina took to Instagram last month and spoke about how she ensures that she wears fashionable clothes when doing exercise.

She wrote: “Life is too short. Make every outfit count.. As I always say #WorkOutInStyle I don’t just put a lot of hard work into the workouts, I make sure I wear stylish outfits too… that makes me feel so happy while working out.. My efforts make me feel so good, complete, happy, happy from the inside… that makes you happy.”

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