From the price of petrol, new trains and flights: What will change in 5.0 lockdown

There will be a increase in fuel prices and as the country enters the fifth phase of coronavirus lockdown with a three-step exit strategy, most trains and flights will resume from Monday , June 1,.

Public transport will also resume in several states, as will the ambitious food security scheme by the central government.

Here are some of the things going to change or start as of June 1:

Petrol price to increase in these states

Prices of petrol and diesel will rise by Rs 2 from June 1 in Maharashtra, following the decision by the state government to increase the cess imposed on the two fuels.

In Mumbai oil prices will rise from Rs 76.31 to Rs 78.31 per litre. The retail diesel rate will go up from Rs 66.21 to Rs 68.21 per litre.

The government released a notification on Saturday to raise the petrol cessation to Rs 10.12 per liter from Rs 8.12. The truce on diesel will increase from Re to Rs 3 per litre.

In addition to the added value of 26 per cent and 24 per cent (VAT) on petrol and diesel, the state government is levying a ceasefire on the fuels.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir also raised the tax rate on the petrol and diesel sales by Rs 2 per litre, and Re 1 per litre, respectively.

Himachal Pradesh also increased tariffs on diesel and petrol sales effective June 1.

GoAir flights to begin again

In May, the low-cost carrier announced that its final flight schedule had been accepted and that the airline would begin flying again from June 1.

Online bookings are available from May 25 to May 31 for a third of its pre-Covid summer season.

The airline said it is prepared to resume secure flight operations and awaits clarification regarding the readiness of the respective states and their airports to accept flights and conditions applicable to arriving passengers there.

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