Shweta Tiwari Gets angry, says “It’s easy to blame me for failed marriage saying ‘Ladki me hi kuch problem hai’ but…

Shweta Tiwari has had her share of life ups and downs. She had a failed marriage with Raja Choudhary during which she was sexually abused. And just when things were looking positive with her second husband Abhinav Kohli, it all went downward. And now, people blamed the actress for her failed marriage and called her names. Let us listen to what she has from the actress herself.

Shweta Tiwari had revealed in a throwback interview with Hindustan Times how to post the breakup, she was turned into a scapegoat and all the blame was put on her. “People can easily say, ‘Ladki ne hi kuch kiya hoga ya usme hi koi hogi problem, tabhi doosri shaadi bhi nahi chal payi’ When I got married at the height of my career, people were telling me it’s over.

Yet I have not let the view of the people enter my mind. I didn’t really know what my khandaan was going to say, who was just telling me how I was doing once in five years. She said, “I really worry about myself, my children and my immediate family.”

The actress went on to say, “If someone wants to hurt my family, they don’t care in my life. I just don’t pay attention to them. But anyone who keeps my family happy, helps them grow, I ‘m going to go that extra mile to do something for them.

Shweta’s second husband Abhinav Kohli used to abuse her daughter Palak in filthy language according to a report published in Abhinav was the one who offended the modesty of her daughter Palak by making lewd remarks and sharing absolutely disgusting pictures with her over the past few years.

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