‘Boycott Chinese Products’: after 3 Idiots’ motivation Sonam Wangchuk’s message, Milind Soman quits TikTok

Chinese video app TikTok is uninstalled by Actor Milind Soman from his tablet. He ‘d tweeted to let his fans know.

Milind wrote on Twitter, “Am not on tiktok anymore. # BoycottChineseProducts. “His action comes in response to a video message inspired by 3 Idiots, engineer Sonam Wangchuk, from Ladakh. Sonam has tweeted so much to thank Milind, and has written: “Hopefully other celebrities will play a role too! Jo bhara hai bhavon se behti me rasdhaar nahi, woh nahin hai patthar hai jis mein swadesh ka pyaar nahin hriday. Baaki aap hain samajhdaar! Thank you @milindrunning for # BoycottMadeInChina. “He also quoted what, in the midst of Chinese violence at the Sino-Indian border in Ladakh, seems to be a call for nationalistic fervor.

Sonam, speaking in Hindi, had asked countrymen to boycott all Chinese products in a video message which went viral two days ago. The meaning of what he said was that not only with the help of the ‘bullet’ but also with the ‘wallet’ was the need of the hour to contain China. For many Indians the feeling seems to resonate.

Throughout the lockdown, Milind continues to share inspirational content on Instagram, with specific reference to his 81-year-old mother Usha exercising. Once, he ‘d shared a video of his sari-clad mother skipping on their terrace alongside him. “With @somanusha skipping! Not a new activity for her, but a new activity for me when you ‘re 247 at home,. teaching one another!

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