Delhi Mother of 2 National Capital Territory Exposes Her Limit to Lakh Every Month From Home

Imagine that the other half of you had kept more than 0.5.6 Crore from you for years. Can you do just the same? Jyoti, a mother of two from Delhi National Capital Territory, has put her marriage and her family at risk by keeping her husband’s shocking secret for years. After a few years of dating Jyoti and Avinash Mehta married in 2004.

Avinash Mehta is an architect, and Jyoti works at a nearby clinic reception. After their first child was born in 2008, they decided that Jyoti should leave her work to stay home and look after him. The global financial crisis in 2008 struck hard upon successful sectors of the economy.

Luckily, Avinash Mehta did not lose his job but, in order to help his business thrive, he had to work overtime and reduce his salary substantially. “My husband could take care of the basic needs of our family, but I could see how tired his job left him. We tried to save as much as possible but we still didn’t have enough resources,” Jyoti said.

“We couldn’t imagine what our future would be like. The market stabilized slightly, but then it began dropping again. At the time, I was pregnant with our second child – we only hoped that everything would be all right.

One evening, some time after their second child was born, Jyoti saw an ad about working from home on Facebook that promised earnings of more than 58,000 a day. She felt fascinated. She followed the link and learned more about the job. “There have been several good user comments about this ad, so I was feeling confident to sign up. This wasn’t a getting-rich-quick scheme pushed into commerce by any fraudsters in order to make a living. If they had proposed selling goods, I wouldn’t have signed up, “she said. Working from home on the internet has become a huge global phenomenon, and India has entered the wave of popularity.

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