28 Year-old Man in India Makes Online Money

Within a month, Dhule Bhaumik, born in Delhi, was able to buy 2 houses, Mercedes, Land Rover and pay all his debts. Yet he ‘d already served under the minimum wage with wages. So, how could he just gain so much money in a month? He tells us his story.

“I worked for a year at the pizza delivery company. I was a collage student before and did a part-time job in a restaurant. I did so to finance my studies. I was close to getting expelled in the second year of study because I was unable to afford the tuition. I had to take a loan at the time. I was eventually able to pay my tuition, but I didn’t have enough money to pay the bank monthly installments.

Honestly, studying and working all at once was beyond my ability and finally, a week before the end of school year, I was expelled from campus. This was the beginning of My Life’s darkest days. My father lost his work and there was no way my family could survive. Can you imagine how despairing I felt? Can you imagine how despairing I felt? I didn’t have decent work and education and my dad lost his job. I really couldn’t reach them.

I delivered a pizza to last place one night. A guy had the door unlocked. He was with his friends and I heard their conversation about where they should spend Rs 2,000,000 that they won 10 minutes ago when he was paying for the pizza. I just took a look and saw on the laptop screen some sort of graph and figures. The door opener guy gave me Rs. 1,000 but the price was just Rs. 600.

I was absolutely surprised and, having returned home, I took my laptop and tried to remember their discussion. I recalled after 5 minutes they were talking about online trading. I found the graphs and figures I saw at the guy’s laptop on the Olymp Trade website.

After reading all information about the broker and watching tutorial videos, I opened a demo account where I got virtual money. I quickly understood what I had to do, it was very easy. Then I thought… I did not lose anything, so I deposited about $20 and Olymp Trade gave me another $20 as a welcome bonus, so in total I received $40. I didn’t sleep that night and at the morning I realized I had earned 30,654 rupees during the night.

I remembered that Olymp Trade offers new accounts a 100 per cent deposit bonus. If I build a new account, I wondered if I could double the starting number. I transferred all my earnings to the coin, opened a new Olymp Trade account and transferred half of that sum to the new account. And yes , I got a welcome bonus from Olymp Trade, and doubled the amount! Would you like to know what trick I have learnt?

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