Choosing your own teachers at school is now possible with Lenovo’s learning platform ‘SmarterEd’

Schools are great places to know. They lay the foundation of awareness, and they play an important role in defining our personalities. It is therefore heartbreaking to see these institutions being plagued by a lack of infrastructural funding, low student-teacher ratios, and financial constraints.

While India’s student enrollment rate has shown a positive trend, according to the All India Survey on Higher Education, there is a distressing teacher shortage.

YES CAN WE CAN! Unlike in the past, where only colleges gave us the option to choose our favorite subjects, students (Class V-XII) can now choose favorite topics, preferred day / time of study, and even their teachers, thanks to Lenovo SmarterEd, which was launched in partnership with eVidyaloka, a non-profit organization.

In addition to the aforementioned superpowers, the device exhibits its large weapons in the form of a special matching algorithm. Essentially, it assesses tutor’s teaching styles, gages pupils’ learning temperament and skill, and recommends best matches for a tailor-made, self-paced experience.

Registering students is given a set of questions ranging from the basic ‘Which board does your school follow? ‘, ‘Which subjects do you want to learn? ‘, parents’ details (so important) to more inquisitive people like ‘Do you enjoy daydreaming or music listening? ‘And’ Are you the first to discuss tough subjects? ’.

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