Obesity has increased in lockdown, do Tadasana-Trigonasana daily to reduce

Many people have to face the problem of obesity due to continuous eating and drinking in lockdown. All scientific studies show that obesity reduces the body’s immunity which makes you weak in the fight against corona. So today we are telling you about Tadasana and Trigonasana, this will not only reduce belly fat but you will also feel agile.
Such people should take care-
Those who have low blood pressure or are having severe pain in their knees should not meditate. Also, pregnant women should avoid it. Do not take Trigonasana people who have low or high blood pressure. Those who have severe pain in the waist or the problem of slip disc, they should also avoid it.

Stand upright and keep your legs, waist and neck straight. Holding the fingers of the hands above the head and pulling the entire body upwards while taking a deep breath. The palms should be facing upwards. Now lift the heels upwards and let the entire weight of the body fall on the claws. Stay in this position for about 20 seconds and keep breathing and exhaling at normal speed. Then slowly come to the first position. You can do this asana four to five times daily.

Benefits: This will reduce excess fat stored in the body and will make the body shapely and attractive. Adolescents and youth must do this asana as it also helps in increasing their height. Along with this, back pain, pain in muscles, knees and feet also provides relief.

Stand a distance of two feet between the two legs. Extend the arms to the shoulder and while breathing take the right arm up and close it with the ear. Breathing slowly, bend from the waist to the left. The right hand should be adjacent to the ear. Now bring the right hand parallel to the ground and try to touch the left ankle with the left hand. Stay in this posture for about 10-30 seconds and keep breathing. Then take a breath and return to normal. Now follow the same procedure from the other side also.
Benefits: This is the most effective yoga practice in reducing belly and waist fat. If new energy is transmitted in the body, then the lungs are also healthy and are able to function better.

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