Lockdown Fitness Tips: Follow these tips in lockdown, will be more fit than before

If you want to defeat the disease, you have to become stronger than before. You have to focus on yourself more than before. You have to work harder than before. how? Swati Gaur is telling

If we look at some good aspects of this lockdown then we will find that nature has revived in a way during this time. So why not learn from nature, we should also use the present time to strengthen our immunity, so that after lockdown when we get out of the house, our body is completely ready to fight any kind of viruses and bacteria. Be ready with.

Don’t forget to exercise-
One has to be physically fit to increase immunity. It is not possible to go out of the house, but keep yourself fit by doing household chores such as cleaning or sweeping, along with yoga, rope jumping, climbing stairs, and mediation are some of the actions that help to stay fit. Will do.

Turmeric will heal –
Drinking hot turmeric milk after a cold is a very old desi recipe. Turmeric is known for its antibacterial properties. These days too, if you start drinking turmeric with warm milk before going to bed at night, then your immunity will automatically start getting stronger.

Chyawanprash will give strength
Chyawanprash is made from some very rare and healthy herbs, the regular intake of which gives strength to your body from inside and also increases the ability to fight against diseases. So why don’t you also start taking one teaspoon of Chyawanprash daily with milk.

Desi spices
Spices like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are integral parts of every Indian kitchen. These spices not only enhance the taste of any dish, but also make the body strong. If you include these spices in your meal as well as make a decoction and drink them two to three times a week, then you will definitely benefit. If you want to increase its taste, you can also add lemon and honey to it. Likewise, by fasting once a week, detox the body and also include dry fruits in the diet.

Some other things of use-

  • Wash hands with soap several times a day.
  • Do not necessarily exit.
  • Do not touch the mouth, eyes, nose repeatedly with hands.
    Do not let the body lose water.
    Eat fresh and light food only.
  • Consumption of alcohol is good. The probiotics present in yogurt maintain our digestive system as well as keep the body’s immune system active.
    Eggs are also rich in B-class vitamins and selenium along with vitamin-D, which increases immunity.
    Eat palak, it is also called super food.

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